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Brian Lord(non-registered)
Excellent work Ted!!! I really enjoyed my stroll through you gallery!
Cindi Gosling(non-registered)
Your photography is exquisite! I am featuring 3 of your photos as the main focus in my living room! So glad you were at the Princess Anne art show!
Becca Wray
Dad - I am so blown away by how talented you are... you pictures are stunning. They all spark so much emotion, with me.
Your pictures capture so much about them, like with photos of people, your pictures make me wonder about the life of each of the animals. It's jut amazing!! I'm very proud of you ...
Philayna Favero(non-registered)
Ted, Your photographs are amazing. Debbie gave me your website in an old email and I am just now getting around to viewing the pictures. Wow! You are a very talented photographer. Aunt Bev told me recently that you had a show and Debbie went with you and enjoyed visiting with the many people attending the show. I hope your show was a success. Keep enjoying your passion.
Neil Sidden(non-registered)
Magnificent photos!
Lynda Wilkins(non-registered)
Hi Ted - absolutely amazing photos. Many new ones from your beginning.
Pat Catanzaro(non-registered)
Ted - These pictures are amazing.
Beverly Gustafson(non-registered)
Move over Moose Peterson, there's a new kid in town. Amazing work, Ted, you have found your passion and it shows in your beautiful images.
Grain Guy(non-registered)
Really enjoyed each of the pictures. You have terrific photos of rare birds. I'd like you to capture the photo of a pare of pileated woodpeckers which have made home in and around my back woods. Have not seen them in a couple weeks but I'd guess they'd make a nice addition to your bird collection photos.

Thanks for sharing! GG
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